EShopping Collab

We built a web app which shows you the list of various people around you who are willing to combine the orders for e-shopping in order to save delivery charges.

Voice Assistant for Alzheimer

Developed a voice assistant with automatic Object Detection to aid navigation, memory issues for Alzheimer patients using ResNet, cloud, NodeJS, etc. Helps patients by locating objects misplaced or forgotten by patient.

FAQ Answering using BERT

Developed an automatic FAQ-answering system to improve response time for queries by employees. Fine-tuned BERT and computed feature representation using the fine-tuned BERT model

JagScript Compiler

Built a compiler in C, supporting various data-types, arrays, expressions and specifically jagged arrays. Implemented lexical analyser, parser, abstract syntax tree generator and type checker.

Checkmate Backend

Developed Backend for Checkmate 2019, a bi-annual puzzle-based event by BITS ACM.

Video Caption Generation

Video captioning is a challenging task of modelling the objects, their temporal information and interaction in order to generate a textual description. Current models often fail to model these objects and their interactions correctly, due to lack of knowledge about them.

Benchmarking Debiasing algorithms

We present an empirical study of debiasing methods for classifiers, showing that debiasers often fail in practice to generalize out-of-sample, and can in fact make fairness worse rather than better.

Causal analysis of debiasers

We study the effects of different debiasing methods on the underlying causal path specific effects (PSEs) and explain these effects using an information-theoretic perspective.

Fairness toolkit

We present Fairness.jl, a comprehensive bias audit and mitigation toolkit in julia. Extensive support and functionality provided by MLJ.jl has been used in this package.

Friend Affinity Finder

Created a Friend Affinity Finder that performs NLP analysis of the social media profiles of friends, generates affinity score for friends and clusters them.