EShopping Collab


We always try to minimize the amount of money we spend. E-Shopping is one such area where we felt we all could save some bucks. Let’s see how. We spend money on delivery charges if the order is below a threshold. But if 2 people combine their order they can save these delivery charges either by splitting the charges or by making the value of total order exceed the threshold limit. Our estimates show that our solution has a market worth more than $1 Billion !! It shall be helpful in saving delivery charges, boost demand for low priced good on Ebay, save packaging and transportation costs.

What it does

Our Solution is a web app which shows you list of various people around you who are willing to combine the orders. The list of people is filtered on the basis of total value of combined order, proximity and time of ordering.

How I built it

Ebay OAuth was used to get access to the ebay account of users. Ebay buyer API for shopping cart is used to get the total value of orders in the cart and this total value is used to match him with other people. Backend is built using NodeJS. Embedded Javascript is used for dynamic frontend. MongoDB Atlas Database service is used. Google Cloud helps to host the application

Ashrya Agrawal
Ashrya Agrawal
Data Science Intern

My research interests lie primarily in algorithmic fairness, generalization, and causality